Longview ’23 Club

On the first Monday of October we hold our annual dinner and get together. The 2021 dinner has been canceled due to COVID issues and were are looking at sometime the spring of 2022 to reschedule.

The purpose of the ’23 Club is to honor the memory of those who planned and built the City of Longview as a social, spiritual, cultural, and economic center for local residents.
Originally a social organization for lineal descendants of the founders of Longview, the ’23 Club is now open to all who share a love for the City, its beauty and history.  

What we currently do

We hold a dinner and have our annual meeting on the first Monday in October. However with the COVID pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled. We’ve seen the ’23 Club grow to a point we had to move our location for the dinner to the St. Rose Parrish where members have had a great opportunity to see each folks they may not have seen for a while and learn about the history of some aspect of our community.

2017 Dinner
A table at the 2017 Annual Dinner

Participate in the Longview Go 4th Parade…and we won the Sweepstakes Award for the past two years!