About the ’23 Club

The ’23 Club was started in May 1933 when sixty-six “pioneers” of Longview who came here in 1923 or before met to form an “Old Timers” organization. The original bylaws adopted empowered the organization to hold gatherings of mutual benefit, celebrations when desired and engage in work of a civic nature for the benefit of those who pioneered the building of the new city.

At that time, 1933, a membership committee interviewed persons eligible to become members. In 1933 there were 200 who are eligible to join. Duties were set at $.50 per family per year. And “any person in Longview in 1923 or before May join without payment of dues if he desires.

The purpose of the ’23 Club today is to honor the memory of those who planned and built the City of Longview as a social, spiritual, cultural, and economic center for local residents.

Originally a social organization for lineal descendants of the founders of Longview, the ’23 Club is now open to all who share a love for the City, its beauty and history. 

Each year on the first Monday in October, the Longview ’23 Club hosts a dinner and get-together. The 2016 dinner will held on Monday, October 2nd at the St. Rose Parish Center.

Each fall our main program for the evening features different historical perspectives on our city’s history. This year will be Growing Up in the 50’s Longview. The program for 2016 was “A 1923 Business from Glasgow, Scotland to Longview, Washington.” In 2015 we had a video presentation of Longview Schools’ first 75 years. In 2014 we had an informative and lively review of the Finnish Settlers presented by Maila Cadd and Carolyn Caines. The previous year Dennis Weber and Karen Dennis brought us a new book about Longview, in the Images of America series, with photos of early Longview and its citizens. Previous topics have also included the Historic Longview Community Church, Old Westside Homes Then and Now, Longview’s Historic Autumn Splendor, and R.A. Long’s Dreams.

The last few years we’ve had a presence in the 4th of July Parade. You can follow some of the activities of the ’23 Club on Facebook.