Past Presidents 50s-60s

’23 Club Presidents from the 1950-1969.
Note: John Hill was president for both 1949 and 1950. His picture is on the 30s-40s page.

Top Row: A. Floyd Scott-1952, Guy Easton-1953, Clifford Hadley-1954, Dr. E.H. Gebert-1955-56

Row Two: A.C. Campbell-1957, R.A.A. Smith-1958,  Val P. Quoidbach, Sr.-1959, Bry Evans-1960,

Row Three: A.H. Labsap-1961, J.D. McKercher-1962, Heldred Ellis-1963, F.L. Floval-1964

Row Four: Lucien Lanphear-1965, Herb Hadley-1966, R.L. Ford Simmons-1967, Amos Peters-1968

Row Five: Emary Piper-1969